Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Thinking of Striped Walls...

I've loved the idea of striped walls for at least a couple of years, and have been thinking of painting a striped wall in our living room, behind the tv.  It's not the newest trend, but I'm not tired of it.  In fact, I still really I love it.

Image via Decorpad

Via Young House Love

From The Lettered Cottage via

Photo via Windhula
via Pinterest (original source unknown)

Via Elle Decor

Via Country Living

Via Elle Decor

Via Design*Sponge
The more I look at these images... maybe more than just one wall.  Or not.  That could mean getting the hubs involved. :)

If anyone else has dipped their toe in painting stripes on the wall, let me know.  Is it a little to daring for you, a little to trendy for you, or are you as tempted as I am?