Friday, February 17, 2012

On Pinterest :)

I think I've mentioned it before but never made an official "announcement" that I'm on Pinterest. So follow me for lots of fun and home decor, diy, organization, fashion and food inspiration and shenaniguns! It's like creating and sharing visual file folders.

Via Pinterest
Speaking of which, you may notice a little baby shower inspiration board... I'm planning one for my cousin next month (one of the reasons I've been a little out of touch). I've also been tackling home improvement projects that are keeping me from blogging about said projects.  And taking a couple of days to adjust to the news that a very dear friend (seen here) is moving to New York. I work with her every day and am excited for this big step for her family, but will miss her very much. Maybe some pins will help cheer me up. :-/

Anyhow, are you on Pinterest? Amazed by your new obsession? Resentful of real-life responsibilities that are keeping you from wasting time there (haha!)?