Wednesday, March 9, 2011

It's Done! - Ruffle Shower Curtain, Revised

Who gets the award for most individual blog posts about a flipping shower curtain?  I do, that's who.  I even impress myself.

Here's a little mock-up of the plan:

It's the Waterfall Ruffle
Shower Curtain re-imagined.
In an attempt to make lemonade out of lemons, I used some white fabric left over from George's brutal ruffle attack and attached it to the top and bottom of the gray curtain (removing just a few gray ruffles). 

Okay, so "I" didn't do it exactly.  I took it to a seamstress because (a) I was afraid to mess it up. Simple enough reason, right?  (b) Sprawling around 9" of fabric was just asking for another chomp-fest from the bulldog. 

Here's why I thought the extra height would work in our space:
- All the white (floors, sink, walls) made the gray curtain appear a bit shorter than I liked.

- Just like window curtains, hanging your shower curtain higher capitalizes on tall ceilings and "draws the eye up" as they say.

- Plus (I haven't shown you this before) the white vent in the shower was such a sharp contrast against the dark gray walls it was screaming for attention . Don't believe me?

This was taken before before we replaced the white curtain with
the gray curtain. (Excuse the ladder... we were installing
the chandelier. Vent: "Look at me! I'm a conversation piece!"
Here's a reminder of where we were last week:

And here's the "after".

Probably one of the easiest updates we've made.  Yay for that!  Lemons out of lemonade.  Ruffles out of ruffle-ade.  Or whatever.

Anyone else tried an extra-long or custom shower curtain?

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  1. I LOVE IT!!! Love the extra length and the two-tone shower curtain!! Can you come to our place in St. Louis and do some decorating? ;o)

  2. Of course I will!

    So glad you like it. Really wish the battery would come in for my camera so I could take "real" pictures!

  3. Thank you, Cara! Just wish I had your sewing skills so I could have done the sewing myself!

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  6. Ruffles indeed give an amazing look to the rooms and you need to pick good color.

  7. I love the immediate impact of this shower curtain! Soft. Unique. And fairly simple. Thank you for posting this!

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