Friday, March 4, 2011

High Waters, High Wrinkles, High Ruffles - Gray Shower Curtain (in progress)

In the last post I mentioned some plans for the shower curtain, which I'm picking up from the seamstress today.  Until then, here are a couple "between" shots I took last week for my own reference.

I woulda' done some fluffing on those wrinkles if I had known this would be in a post.  My mama raised me right, after all.

The gray fabric against the white porcelain tub (by the floor) is giving me flash-backs.  Not the good kind.  (You ready for a story?  Here goes....)  In the beginning of the seventh grade I hit a growing spurt and all my jeans were suddenly way too short, resulting in the dreaded "high water" look.  Twas not cute.

By the end of the year, things worked themselves out and I was sportin' appropriate-length attire with only the coolest Timberland's, and all was forgotten.  Until, my friends, the yearbook came out and yours truly was featured in a full-page photo, sitting down (you might know this is the very worst position for high-water offenders) with a clearly focused shot of at least 5-inches of leeeeg between my keds and jeans.

Photo via The Fashion Records

So there you have it:  high wrinkles and high waters.  But also high ruffles. That's where we are this Friday.

Strange side note: The curtain is a standard size, so I think there's something about the ruffles that makes the length seem short.

In other bathroom news, I really will post pics of the chandelier soon. I planned to do it earlier this week but I just adjusted the position of the arms and want to re-take the photos this weekend.

Any high-water flashbacks going on out there?

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  1. Love the story! Junior high is definitely a time I'd like to forget, fashion-wise (or lack of)! And my ruffle shower curtain is shorter than I'd like it to be too... I can't lower my shower rod so it's stuck where it is, with a good 4-5 inches of the bottom of the tub showing. The angle of picture doesn't really show how high it is, but trust me:

  2. I saw your shower curtain last weekend in the store. So cute!

    And your curtain doesn't look too short to me, so I have a new theory as to why it's bothersome: It's all that white (white tile walls, white floors, white tub, white trim, white sink, etc.). The gray curtain "pops" against it, creating the high-water aesthetic. :)

    After all, you really don't want it to actually touch the floor if water were to drip out from the shower.

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