Sunday, March 27, 2011

Life is not *measured* by the breaths we take...

Weekend Recap

"... but the moments that take our breath away."
   - Source Unknown
I like this quote, but you won't see me wearing it on a t-shirt or anything.  It's nice enough, but overused.  Which is why it was perfect for a silly weekend recap.

I was measuring, ironing, washing, drying and hanging curtains...

I asked George to get off them.  He did, but kept coming back.  Eventually I just grabbed the camera.
Someone needs attention.
I wish I could take more pics of Bonnie, but whenever I point the camera at her she gets up to lick my face.

The aforementioned sofa in the background.

Other items on the agenda included:
- Home Depot run for curtain necessaries (more on that later)
- A "fairly stupid" Lifetime Movie Saturday morning while Seth was golfing.
- Buying a new pet bed
- Unproductive thrift store trip on the way to purchase the ped bed
- Buying pretty plates I'm going to return
- Buying wrinkle releaser (are you squeeling from excitement yet?)
- Lunch at Maki Fresh with the hubs on Sunday
- Measuring tons of stuff... what else is new.
- Dog walking.

Anyone else have a less-than-exciting but kinda-productive weekend?

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