Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Dressing to Nesting - Shower Curtain in a Different Life

After the post about the shower curtain "situation" and my thoughts about choosing between white vs. gray, I received this email from my mom:

"George looks adorable, he couldn't have, couldn't have done 
that to the shower curtain. I think I vote "gray" on the next
shower curtain. That one (white) kinda reminds me of the  
Hoover Belle gown - he-he!"

 (I was a "Hoover Belle" in high school, a service organization where the members where antebellum dresses for some of the appearances and induction ceremony.)

The funny thing is, ever since I purchased the shower curtain I had the same thought. I envisioned the fluffly cotton ruffles in a different life -- not my Hoover Belle gown, but as a running-through-the-fields-in-my-overly-fabulous-dress kind of dress.

Source Unknown
Giambattista Valli’s white ruffled dress. Photo via Nibs

Chloe Silk Chiffon Tiered Ruffle Dress

And then I saw this in the latest issue of Rue.  It's more formal than my imaginary dress (that is paired with imaginary brown wedges, by the way), but you can start to see the vision, right?

Photo via Rue for Gumps San Francisco

If you're thinking of translating the concept literally, this gal made her wedding dress from Anthropologie shower curtains!

Image by Ooh! Events via Style Me Pretty.
I'm not really planning on dressing in the shower curtain... for now.  But sometimes when I get stuck on details in a room, I relate the textiles to the pieces I might wear, then envision the accessories I might match with them. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

By the way, I have an idea for tweaking the shower curtain.  One that's just crazy enough that the seamstress was really confused when I tried to explain it.  Ha!


  1. I heart you ;o) This made me laugh and I can imagine you saying every single word "out loud!" You could always make it into a very chic bathing suit for the summer ;o) It's already ripped into some shreds!

  2. I do like my imaginary dress, but a a bathing suit? THAT'S visionary, darling! So visionary I can't even en-vision-ary it. Two-piece, or one-piece?

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