Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Highlights from High Gloss Magazine - April/May issue

This Saturday morning I carved out some time to read the latest issue of High Gloss Magazine.  It's their second issue and some of the features were really inspiring.

My favorite feature was designer Sara Tuttle's apartment.  I love the mix of vintage pieces, modern lines, color and personality. 

Sara Tuttle's living room


Bedroom. Pets make great accessories
I noticed they used a few statement pieces in multiple shots, like the flowers in the black and white striped pot (shown in the office and the living room), the pink pillow (shown on the bed and living room) and the lamp (shown on the Saarinen dining table and on the desk in her office).

I love Michelle Armas's work and was happy to see her Q&A feature (page 86).  Side note: I discovered Michelle when I was surfing Craigslist.  She was selling some beautiful chairs and I contacted her about them (I decided they wouldn't work for us, but her home was beautiful). I did some Googling and found her blogFollow her blog and become a "dork".

All images via High Gloss Magazine

Do you like most about Sara's home? Have you checked out the art by Michelle Armas?  Do anything fun this weekend yourself?

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  1. Hi, ERin, thanks so much for stopping by & for the sweet comment. I think I missed out on meeting a lot of B'ham girls that would have been so fun to meet. I'll be a hop, skip & jump away & look forward to getting back into my hometown stuff too. Thanks so much for reading!

  2. Thank YOU, Rhoda! Buzz me when you'll be in town!