Monday, April 18, 2011

I want this desk... and we need an office

Right now Seth's working at the dining room table every day.  It's actually a great work space regarding space, but not for organization or tidiness. Imagine me walking in after work... receipts from expense reports, laptop, folders, business cards, random sheets of paper sitting beside the china.  It. Drives. Me. Crazy.

Our guest bedroom / dog's room / dressing room / tv room / storage room / catch-all room / office needs some attention and I'm hoping to create a work space that really works. 

Obviously a desk on the top of the list, and I really love this one.  You may have seen it in my Wists

The driftwood color is beautiful and I love the silhoutette.  Unfortunately there's not a lot of storage/drawer space, but I've found that most desks I'm drawn to actually don't have many drawers.  Weird.  But it has these two neat-o pull-out drawers that would probably have little use in real life:

It's the Campaign Desk from World Market. I stopped into the store last weekend and it's just as pretty as I hoped it would be.  The only problem (besides the storage issue) is the size.

It's 60" wide--just about a foot shy of a twin bed, and with all of the roles this space must play, I'm afraid it won't work.  Plus that one center drawer is pretty shallow.

But here's one more pic to show you how I'm that dork arranging and taking pictures with her iPhone in the middle of the store.  I took this last one (with the baskets) to give myself an idea of how some extra storage might work.  Not that it matters.  (Yeah, I'm pouting.)

What's in your home office?  Any tips for making the bedroom/office work? I'd love to hear from you!