Monday, November 12, 2012

Happy Dance! Guess what's coming back?

When I was in middle school, a few close friends of mine had a very embarrassing, but entirely expressive "happy dance" whenever something exciting happened. I just busted out my moves again becaauuuuuuuseeee.... MILLION DOLLAR DECORATORS IS COMING BACK for a new season!

A couple of years ago I caught the season premiere of this reality show featuring designers Martyn Lawrence-Bullard, Mary McDonad, Kathryn Ireland and Jeffrey Allen Marks. Totally hooked. Gorgeous rooms, high-end (sometimes celebrity) clients, complete eye-candy combined with a glimpse of a luxurious world. Watching them deal with the same issues as many designers out there (declining budgets, surprise one-week deadlines, materials not being delivered). And on top of it: they were all friends! .None of them hated each other. No-drama, but lots of drama. You know, design draaaaamaaaaaa.....

For the last year, I've literally hoarded the last issue of MDD in my DVR because (a) It's amaze-balls and (b) I've been so scared it would be cancelled (maybe fewer high-end clients in our current economic environment?)

Season premiere TODAY, November 13th @ 10EST/9CST on BRAVO. Check them out on facebook here.

Happy dance!

Have you seen Million Dollar Decorators before? Watching the new season???


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