Monday, March 4, 2013

Fabric-adabra Crush! (Manuel Canovas Misia)

I've been fairly in love with a designer fabric for about a year...

Manuel Canovas Misia - via
In case you haven't seen it before, meet Misia, by Manuel Canovas.

 Here she is, used as the most adorable laundry room skirt.
home of Sarah Tarthill - via Design*Sponge
I first spotted it in the blog header of Bijou and Boheme... I emailed Christine (the writer) and she was very gracious to share the name of the fabric. She found a remnant on eBay if memory serves, and had it made into a pillow.
via Bijou and Boheme
But I couldn't find it anywhere! It's typically only available to the trade. BOO! And it's from overseas, making it more difficult to locate.

Here's another glimpse at the (pricey but beautiful) possibilities...

via Housetohome

 One last detail shot..
I finally found a source, and bought it online! The plan is to frame it as wall art. I love how well it plays with so many other colors, and is elegant but modern and vibrant all at the same time.

I will share the results soon.

Until then, I will Misia you. ;)


  1. I have been looking everywhere for this fabric! Where were you able to find it?

  2. Do tell...where did you find it? I can't wait to see how you use it!

    1. Hi Morgan and Niccole! I found it at :) I hope this helps!

      Niccole, you will see soon! Unfortunately in the move I lost my camera card showing how it turned out in our condo, but I found a great place for it in our new house! You shall see soon. :)

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