Thursday, October 18, 2012

How to Make a DIY Abtract Painting... By Monet-Erin. MonErin.

Do you remember when I mentioned the idea of trying some DIY abstract art for the bedroom? Now do you remember rolling on the floor and bellowing "Gooooohoohoood luck!  Bahahaha!". Well I don't totally blame you, Doing this kind of project can be sort of intimidating, I know. I speak-eth from experience. But I tried it out on a small canvas this weekend and want to share some tips I discovered with my step-by-step process, as it evolved.

Disclaimer: I do not consider myself an visual artist. I'm not even claiming this looks really great. But it's a starting point for those of us who may want to pick up a paintbrush and try something. I'm not pretending to know more than I do. So please, please do not keep calling me Picasso. It's embarrasing. Call me Monet-rin. MonErin. 

Step 1 (Optional): Find an inspiration painting. Don't feel like it has to be a replica! It doesn't. I chose this guy, as a practice for my bedroom painting:
from designer Leslie Strauss via decorpad
If anyone knows how I can credit the artist above, please let me know. 
Remember, only "based on' this painting. I like the color and composition, but replicating it exactly isn't nearly as much fun (and it's impossible). 

Step 2: Paint your canvas the background color of your choice. Mine was used for testing paint colors for the bedroom, so I just kept it as-is.

Step 3: Start layering with your primary "foreground" color.

Step 4 Add more pops of color, a little at a time.

How to Make a DIY Abstract Painting :)

 Step 6: Enjoy your work!

The biggest thing I learned was it's a lot more fun if you're not too critical of yourself. Have fun and enjoy it.

Have you tried DIY art of some king, painting or otherwise? Were you pleased with the outcome? Did you learn anything from the experience? Or would you rather just buy something?


  1. Beautiful!!!

    I painted for a while, though I've never tried abstract. I was never all that amazing, but it was fun... maybe I need to pick up my brushes again!

  2. what is the color of the bedroom? its very nice.

  3. Anon: The paint color for the bedroom designed by Leslie Strauss above is Chelsea Gray by Benjamin Moore. I like it too!

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