Sunday, January 15, 2012

Bedroom Idea: DIY Painting?

I love how this large painting brings so much life to this bedroom.

Leslie Strauss Designs Via Decorpad
I've been considering something like this for awhile, but haven't been able to find a large painting that was  perfect and within a reasonable budget.  So now I'm wondering if I should approach some relatively unchartered territory by going the DIY route and making my own painting...

I've played around with painting in the past, but other than my Rendering (for Costumes) Techniques course in college (which I loved, but have mostly forgotten) I'm "self-taught".  And by that I mean "I don't know what to do"! :)

It's kind of risky. Considering the cost of some nice paint and a big canvas... if it's a disaster you're in the hole.  But what if  it's not disaster, I wonder?   

Any artists with tips out there they would like to share?  Or not-so-artists with tips, stories, ideas, and so on?  Considered trying anything like this? 


  1. Hi Erin:

    I found your blog while researching seagrass options and I saw this post about the DIY art. I just did this in my own house. Check it out here: my homemade art :)

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  3. One good thing to help you decide whether to go for a DIY painting is to ask yourself what do you want to achieve. If you are confident that your painting in mind can blend well with your room design, you can actually go for it.

  4. Doing a DYI project for your home can be both challenging and exciting as you get to come up with your very own idea to maximize your living space. It would be est to browse through real estate and remodeling magazines or websites to be able to grasp what you need to do.

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