Sunday, July 10, 2011

I Love Thrifting Party Recap!

So, you know about the global I <3 Thrifting party called for by Rashon Carraway of Mr. Goodwill Hunting?  Here's a recap of the event in Birmingham.  We had a so much fun!

First of all, we found great items at our cherished thrift store prices.  And secondly, it was so exciting to meet people with similar interests and mindsets about decorating without breaking the bank!

We started out at Goodwill on Greensprings Highway.

A few of the gals arriving...
L to R: Me, Susie from Boiled Peanuts and Porches, Stephanie from Tuscaloosa, and Susie's friend Whitney.
Ready to see some of the action?

We found a lot of brand new hardware (from Target) and at least three of us left with a package or two. $2.00/package!  Perfect for an easy furniture update.

Stephanie was just getting started at this point.

She happened to mention that she was looking for a door to hang on a sliding hinge to separate two rooms in her home. When we spotted this one for $10, we knew it was meant to be.

My mom found this new night stand (with just a couple of small scratches a furniture marker can easily remedy) for my little sister's room.

And my fun-lovin' MIL purchased two floor lamps for $10 a piece (that will be sold for around $200/each once they're repaired and refinished!).

Everyone checking out... My mom also bought the new outdoor storage basket shown on the bottom right.

Next stop: Salvation Army

Susie and Whitney checking out a bench.

Mom was on a roll.  She found this vintage china cabinet at $119 that had just been unloaded.  Jaws were dropping all around. 

Here she is standing beside it, to give you an idea of how huge this piece was.

She left with a dresser, too (also fresh off the truck) for $59.  I wish the pictures captured how nice they were.  We're talking solid, old, beautiful pieces.  Atta-girl!

My mama-in-love-and-law said this reminder her of George

Stephanie keeps a polishing cloth in her purse to see which pieces are sterling silver.  What a great idea!

The silver wasn't real, but she left with this wooden crate that she plans to use on her wall as a shelf (an idea inspired by the Nate Berkus Show).

I bought a white dish ($1.99) would look great with a moss ball on top, giving some height to a vignette on a dresser or bookshelf.  I love the turquoise shades on the perfume bottle ($1.99) and decided to take the chance on whether or not I would find a spot for it.

There were lots of other purchases that I didn't capture on the camera.  In fact, I realized I didn't take any photos of the other things I brought home.

Three packages of new hardware - $2/piece.

Pretty little saucer for $.99 (I'll share ideas for this in a separate post).

And this little guy for $.75 (you can count on a "before" and "after" post after he gets a quick coat of spray paint).

When I decided to host an I <3 Thrifting event in Birmingham, I was excited to have Alabama represented in Mr. G-Dub's party, and to possibly meet people that liked thrifting as much as I do. But I didn't think I would necessarily meet people that I would really enjoy spending time with outside of the thrift store. And that's exactly what happened.

I Love Thrifting Party in Birmingham
Thanks to everyone for coming!  And for Rashon Carraway for calling on thrifters to party together this weekend.  It looks like we may celebrate in 2012, as well.  Hope to see you all there!

Did you spend some of your weekend with some second-hand hunting or participate in an I Love Thrifting party?


  1. Love the pictures and recap!! We had such a great time!

  2. We certainly did! Thank you for coming and stay in touch. ;)

  3. hi erin! oh, i wish i would have heard about this before today... looks like it was super fun.

    totally jealous of your mom's finds!

  4. Just stay posted for another event, okay? :). And who am I kidding... I'm totally jealous of my mom's finds too! ;)

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