Thursday, May 19, 2011

Gallery Wall Inspiration - Part 2 - Framing Unison

Continuing our gallery wall inspiration posts.  Last time we looked at the impact of mixing frame finishes.  This one's devoted to framing unison (using one frame color).  Let's begin, sweeties.  I'm watching Idol, after all... (Pssst.... Who are you rooting for?)

Framing Unison (Using one frame color) 
An example of mixing the striped idea with the gallery wall?  All black frames, a silhouette hanging, and a round mirror. 

Tori Mellott - Domino, September 2008*

Fairly simple equation below.  Three black and white abstracts, all in simple frames, paired with one colorful painting.  Simple enough, right?

Katie Lydon - Domino Magazine, April 2001

Alex Papachristidis - Elle Decor, November 2006
Anne Coyle - Elle Decor, May 2005
Krista Ewart - Domino, June/July 2007
All images above via mscott218's "Gallery Walls" set on flickr.
And two more images I found elsewhere:
I love how they incorporated a single subway art sign in this gallery wall, with black and white prints surrounding it (all in dark frames).  Several of the smaller pieces look like photographs of flowers, but I think some framed sea fans could work as a great substitute. 
From Country Living

P.S.  Hubs is coming come tomorrow from business trip tomorrow... Yay! 

Are you drawn to the more eclectic look of frames, or the simpler frame unison above?  Have you found gallery art inspiration somewhere or tried it yourself?

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