Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Here's to 2012 *cough, cough*

We had a wonderful Christmas.  And I had a week-long stay-cation full of plans for shopping, blog catching-up, relaxation (including a massage scored from Groupon awhile back, mani/pedi, and so on)....

But this happened, to both me and the hubs.  

I'm tellin' you it was a super-cold.  Half-flu, half-cold kinda' sickness that trash-tv only makes worse... and only Chicken and Stars manages to make a little better (yes, I know it's marketed towards kids but whatevs, it's the best.)

The first really sick day, determined to claim a small amount of enjoyment for time I was using precious vacation days for, I spent at least a few hours on Pinterest on the sofa.  Which turned into a couple of days.  And at that point *gulp* (dare I say it) even that got a little old.  For a second.  But an hour later I returned and pinned some more. 

So here's to hoping that in 2012 we enjoy much more, well, enjoyable vacations... and healthier ones too (healthier lives in general, eh?).  That we conquer more DIY and decorating projects that make our homes feel more like our own, on our own budgets. Cheers to inspiration. And to more time with family and friends.  And to growing closer to God. And cheers to my readers!

Happy New Year!  How did you spend yours? 


  1. Erin-
    #1 As a fellow southerner who was sick over the holidays I can testify that Pinterest definitely has it's limits.
    #2 I found your blog via on a comment on (which is marvelous). I was pursuing her blog for blog template suggestions ideas and thought I would ask you how you designed/ made yours. If you have time (and health) to answer my question please email me at: paige dot meredith dot b (at) gmail dot com.
    {golly, that was long.}

    Thanks for your time!!!