Thursday, September 1, 2011

I Had an I-deer - Animal Head on Our Bathroom Wall

First of all, I know I've been MIA. Reason #1: workie work.  I was out of town for a trade show for a few days.  Whenever I leave town, it's a huge production.   Really.  Packing. Preparing. Sweating while at the show for numerous reasons (primarily the record high heat in Dallas) . All of these things kept me busy.  Numero dos:  Hubs has been out of town, which gave me some time to get some things done (not really projects, just random housekeeping), and he's coming home tomorrow. Very happy!  But that's actually not the best excuse.  Because when he IS in town, it's also a reason I fail to post.  He deserves time, after all.

Check it: Lovely faux animal heads for chic weirdos like me,
from Williams Sonoma.
Now.. Assuming you've forgiven me, I'd like to update you on some progress. I've been working on several "drafts" of wall art ideas for our living room. I could go into it much more, but you wouldn't believe all the ideas I've considered in the last few weeks.  One of which involved a deer head.  (Pee.Ess. Two years ago I would never have dreamed of typing that.  A deer head?).

Seth was kind enough to pick up a ram and deer head from Z Gallerie.  We decided they were too small for that wall (plan B for the wall behind the tv will naturally be explained in another post), but I liked them so much I just walked around our place, holding it up to every wall that was bare.

And I had an i-deer for Bambi's new home. Check it:

It just seemed like it was meant to be. I love the way it pops against the wall color.  What do you think?  And what do you think of this raging faux taxidermy trend?  Would you consider a real deer head in your home (I prefer them in the woods, but then again I have a cow pelvis in my dining room). 


  1. I am surprised that I actually really like this :)

  2. I'm so glad, Mawiyah! Thanks for the comment. I understand your surprise--a couple of years ago I wasn't digging the trend, either. But I'm enjoying it now!


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