Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Mercury Glass in the Bath

We've had a great orchid in the bathroom for awhile.  It's so happy in the north-facing window that I was scared to move it, but the terra cotta pot wasn't what I was envisioning for the bathroom.

Buhhhh... See what I mean? For well over a year I've pictured our cabinet dressed up with pretty little apothecary jars or mercury glass accessories, but there aren't many options for a mercury glass plant pot that an orchid can fit into.

To give you and idea of what I'm talking about, I'm issuing a challenge.  Find a beautiful mercury glass dish that's at least 7" wide and tall enough for an orchid pot.  You have one hour. 1, 2, 3, GO!

What, you didn't find anything?  Ah, I know the feeling.  But don't fret, dove.  Don't fret, diva.  I've got your back.

After doing some measuring and much more Googlin' than I'd like to admit, I decided to order this hurricane from West Elm:

At first it looked disproportionately LARGE sitting on the cabinet all by itself. But after heading into a local store (Three Sheets, a sweet store in Homewood) I found a pretty little tray and two darling accessories that seemed to make everything come to life.

Some detail shots for your pleasure.
Mercury glass hurricane/plant pot from West Elm with the
other new bathroom accessories
Thankfully I can actually use the jar for cotton balls.  Every little functional space counts when your storage space is limited!  Here's a different angle with the orchid:

It's kind of incredible how much cozier and more glamorous it looks.  Don't you think?

I really love the character it brings into our teeny tiny bathroom.

What do you think? What are your favorite accessories in the bathroom? Taken a liken' to mercury glass as much as I have? Any new additions to your bathroom?


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