Monday, February 21, 2011

You are my sunburst, my only sunburst (new mirror)

I had one of the coolest (yes, I say "coolest") lunch breaks last week.  Instead of walking the pooches, I picked up my new gold sunburst mirror.

It's about 3-feet in diameter with sharp metal tips, so carrying it out of the store and loading it into (and out of) the trunk was not and easy or graceful task.  I'm fairly sure I heard some snickering at one point, but what-evs.

Fun-day Monday fact: The mirror below is $375 at Tonic Home ($436 with shipping). I'm 95% sure it's the exact same one.  Maybe even 96% sure.  I did not pay $375.  This make me happy.

Here it is on the cover of House Beautiful:

Image via Tonic Home
Image via Tonic Home.

Ya'll, it is so pretty ya'll. (channeling Paula Dean's precious voice)


  1. PLEASE tell me where you bought your mirror....I would love to score this beauty on sale or for a great price. kmcassie (at) gmail (dot) com

    1. Hi there! I can't believe I didn't include it in the post, I certainly didn't mean to keep it a secret!

      I got it at Pier One but I haven't seen it in quite awhile. Do an image search and you'll find it elsewhere though! I've seen it on other sites since then, just not quite as low-priced (under $100). I think you should be able to find $200-300 range. If it's in a prominent area in your home that could make a serious impact, even for that price it could be worth it! :-)

      I hope this helps!