Monday, February 14, 2011

Bathroom needs a makeover

Until about a month ago, we hadn't made made much progress in the bathroom since the day we moved in.  Sure, we painted the ugly (u-g-l-y) yellow walls lime green. It was not good... too yellow. (But I still love you, lime green. I'll rock out again some day.) So we recently painted them deep gray: Benjamin Moore's "Rugged Suede". Nice.

And yet, we have miles to go my love.

Let me preface this by saying I don't hate the shower curtain.  I like the shower curtain.  I don't hate the art.  I like the art.  But we're shakin' things up in these parts and the accessories don't work with our new gray walls.

Enough hee-hawing.  I reveal our bathroom work-in-progress.

Next to address:
- shower curtain
- shower curtain rod
- ceiling light fixture
- art behind toilet
- medicine cabinet (?)
- linens (it sounds better than saying "towel beside the sink")

I've actually made some progress in the last month or so, and will share new pics this week! Plenty of surprises.

1 comment:

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