Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Succsies on the Brain (Succulent Inspiration)

I had a couple of fairly clever post titles that played on the word "succulent".  Fortunately, I allowed the hubs to convince me they were semi-inappropriate or potentially offensive. :) So I'm creating a new word. Succsies. "Succulents", without that annoying third syllable.  Who needed that last syllable, anyway?

I literally dreamed of succsies a couple of nights ago.  Bright green succsies, purple succsies, droopy succsies and plump succsies. All just a-floatin' around in my dream-noggin'. Probably because I bought two succsies in the last few weeks and am probably going to make a.... okay, I can't keep this goin all day... succulent garden for the dining room table.  I did a little pinning and also found some google-inspiration last night. Here a few inspiring succulent arrangements.

This vertical wall art takes my breath away.
vertical succulent wall art - via etsy

Can you believe these huge succulent orbs? Stunning.
succulent orbs -  via Dig Gardens Nursery

This lush arrangement of succulents trim a staircase throughout the warm summer months.  During the summer, they move the plants (which are tucked into soil-filled chicken-wire frames) to a heated green house.
via marthastewart.com

I saw this centerpiece first a couple of years ago, and now I always keep my eyes peeled for some lovely goblets like these. 
I've searched for the original source. The earliest source I can find is here.

These succulents are planted in a recycled flour sifter.  So charming.
succulents - via Fiskars

And last but not least.  I must have these.  I must have these.  But they're $300. If you have the cash and no self control, go do the damage here.
man and woman head vases / planters - photo via oh joy

Are you a fan of succulents?  Have you found a favorite spot or two in your home, or a unique way to style them? Or are you new to the idea, but thinking of giving them a try?

If you don't like them, you succsies. (There, I fit it in somehow, ha!).

- Erin


  1. Oh I wish I had a spot for these!! Our current rental home just doesn't have enough natural light for plants (and I usually kill them anyway). Do you know - how hard are they to keep alive? Do they require a lot of light? I might get brave and give them a try! :)

  2. Ericka, Succulents are very hardy and very easy to care for. They actually don't even like to be watered very often! They do like bright light, though. I would say get a small one (should be around 3 bucks) and test it out in your home, then place it in the window sill every so often so it gets some rays. :)

    If it doesn't do well, you're only out a few bucks--MUCH better than risking it on a big one. :)

    Let me know what you do!

    1. Thanks friend! I just may do that... was looking at them in Lowe's this weekend! They are so pretty! :)

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