Friday, March 2, 2012

Yesterday's (Crazy-town) Post is Updated

If you saw yesterday's post and it was all janky... Sorry!  I have no idea what happened. It's like blogger took what I had, mixed it up, duplicated portions...  (Then again, I was having issues with the draft. Maybe it was me?).... But regardless, the result was blog-land pig-latin.

And if you didn't see it yesterday, well darlings, here's your opportunity:
New (Questionable) Farm Table Addition

Eye-candy sneak peek (no, this isn't my table):
Farm Table + Panton Chairs -,Please let me know if you're aware of the original source?




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  2. Sneak peek is adorable! I love such style of an interior. I mean, it's so cool and chic. i can feel myself like I'm in the Darcy's house) A lot of air and white. Amazing. Literally amazing. I think I should include it in my gengo reviews.

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