Monday, November 7, 2011

Recap: Design*Sponge Book Signing in Birmingham

I mentioned on Monday that Grace Bonney of Design*Sponge held a book signing for her new book Design*Sponge at Home here in Birmingham. Kudos to Grace and her team (as well as the Books-A-Million crew) for putting on such a great event!  Ready for a quick recap for those of you who couldn't attend?

I showed up with a friend of mine a little early.  Perfect opportunity to play paparazzi. :)
Design*Sponge book signing in Birmingham, via Dwell & Tell
I whispered to my friend that it would be nice to get a pic with Grace, and we mozied our way towards the front. Right when I was about to ask for a photo they started the craft demo, which meant we didn't score the photo op, but we were in the prime location for to get some shots of the craft demo.  
via Dwell & Tell
Grace walked us through a project featured in the book where you take vintage plates and candleholders to create cake and cupcake stands. 
D*S book signing, via Dwell & Tell
Next, everyone lined up for the book signing (How the heck were we the sixth-or-so in line? I have no idea!  I think my friend was good luck...), and I awkwardly juggled my book, huge camera, lens cap, gi-normous handbag (I didn't realize it was the size of a small suitcase when I purchased it online)...
Design*Sponge book signing, via Dwell & Tell
...and prepped myself to take a great pic with Grace. This was was up there in the scrapbook photo-ops.

But for whatever reason, I took one of the worst photos of my life. As did my friend. We're talking bad lighting, bad angle, awkward placement of props (book) - the whole nine yards. I'm not exaggerating, you guys. We laughed so hard when we sat down to look at them we were literally crying.
(Imagine Photo of 
me + Grace here)

On the bright side, it was such a pleasure chatting with her for a second. She took her time with everyone in line and has a very warm, charismatic personality.
Design*Sponge book signing in Birmingham, via Dwell & Tell
*Update: Check out the photos taken by The White Rabbit Studios here. I ended up with a shot with her after all. :)
Design*Sponge at Home book signing in Birmingham - Grace & Me - via White Rabbit Design Studios

We hung out and enjoyed the yummy drinks while flipping through the book.

It's a great read and a wonderful addition to your decorating library.  Lots of inspiration for DIY projects and creating beautiful spaces, and a great way to spend a few Sunday afternoons.

Do you have a copy?  What do you think?


  1. I was there too! Thanks for the link to White Rabbit Design Studios. I hadn't seen those yet, and the shots are just gorgeous!

    I'm loving the book too. The home tours are always my favorite.

  2. The home tours are a fave of mine, too Rachel. Thanks for stopping by!

    - Erin

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