Friday, October 14, 2011

Pretty Houses

I'm working on all sorts of fun things I'll share soon. One of which is painting a piece of furniture my sweet aunt gave me.  My parents are letting me tackle the project on their back deck . Since we live in a condo and I typically have to do this kind of thing inside, it's a great change of pace!

Last weekend the fall weather here in Birmingham was incredible (high's in the upper-70's with a light breeze), and this weekend should be as well. And I get to hang out with my wonderful parents, so I'm a happy girl!

I should have guessed that spending time there would make me itch for a house with a yard even more than normal. To commemorate the daydreams floating around in my head, here are a couple images I found recently while perusing the inter-web (for something completely unrelated). They're my latest pins on Pinterest.

I just love this precious turquoise house with the bright magenta flowering tree. How in the world do you make a tree grow that way? 

Photo by photographer and painter Piyori Becco. Via
Now take a look at this garden!
Chrissie D'Esopo's Avon garden - Photo by garden designer and photographer Steve Silk
Via CT Digs 
The owner's friend and gardener, Steve Silk, says it best in this story on  "(The owner's) gardens do not  'accord to any of the color disciplines or theories you read. ... They are a complete eyeball-burning blast of color that is just fantastic'."

Hope you all enjoy some great fall weather this weekend!

Anyone else itching for more room or a yard?  Or remember a time when you didn't have one?  What do you think of these pretty houses and yards? 


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