Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Bedroom - Before & After Painting

I've been slowly working on a bedroom re-do and have some progress to share!  This is good readin'., like your favorite trash tv show.  Lots of embarrassment.  Confusion.  Bad choices.  Shame... then redemption.
Let's begin with my very first wall color selection ever.  Remember, friends... ever.  So I went crazy... CRAZY town, crazy.  Take-your-top-off and twirl-it-in-the-air kinda' crazy.

It all started innocently enough. A pretty photo from Domino of an office designed by Mary McDonald. It had everything I thought I wanted: personality, modern touches, enough glam for a newlywed gal. It's really a great example, though, of something that didn't translate well into real-life (not mine, that is).

Mary McDonald, featured in Domino Mag, via decorpad
Drumroll, please....
I realized the result was a total joke, but it took some time to come up with another plan. This was about a year ago.  I really never thought these "before" camera shots would end up on the blogosphere.

What, ya want more?  Lucky for you.  We have more blue.
I just threw up in my mouth.

I remember waking up from a vacation last year, really groggy and still half-dreaming ("Am I still on vacation?" kind of state).  I took a glimpse at the wall color and thought "I don't like this place! Where the heck am I?  Get me out of here!"  That's when I realized I had to make a decision on a new paint color. STAT.

I finally decided to paint two gray wall colors...  A deep, dark shade for the wall behind the bed, and a lighter shade for the other walls.  Here's an image of paint swatches, just before we started painting.

Thank heavens my MIL came over and helped us paint.  She's lightning fast and literally loves painting walls, so we were really speedy.  In one weekend we painted the bedroom and the bathroom.  Not impressed?  You've done better?  Pshhheh, what-evs.

Next I added some curtains behind the bed. You can still see the shadows of the mini-blinds coming through, but I'm planning to replace them with some roman shades soon.  Next I bought some new bedding (a coverlet and a light comforter) to lighten things up.

Here's where we were a few weeks ago, before adding the art I mentioned couple of weeks ago.

The paint colors we chose were Valspar's "Rugged Suede" and Benjamin Moore's "Coventry Gray".

This is actually a better representation of primary wall color.  It leans to the blue side, for sure.  More than we expected.  But I'm happy with it!  The new frames add some interest, but keep the color palette simple and sleek.

I'm not nearly done, but we've come a long way so far.

I can't say I "regret" the original color.  It was part of the process.  But goodness gracious I'm glad to have it gone.

Here's what I have planned for the next:
  • Hang curtains by the single window
  • Choose a bed.  Buy it.
  • Buy or make baskets for underneath the bedside tables
  • Paint the tray on the bedside table
  • Decide whether or not to paint the bedside tables
  • Find new lamps
  • Install roman shades
  • Decide what to do/hang on the left wall (opposite of the single window)
Like the change?  Ever chosen a horrendous paint color like I originally did?  Any paint projects planned?


  1. Ooo - I LOVE the gray! And the yellow in the accent pillow. This new room is GORGEOUS!

  2. ps- LOVE the new blog look too! That aqua color is the color I keep finding myself going back to for everything these days - beautiful!

  3. Thanks so much, Ericka! Really appreciate it!

  4. I love the gray and yellow! I am wanting to redo our master bedroom and considering this combo for sure.

  5. Thanks, Susie! I love gray and yellow too. :)

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